Product ME – My way to success

Self-marketing for more successful women

You work as a freelanc? You have your own company? You’re employed and wish to have a better outcome of your job or you want to apply for a new job or just want to succeed in your actual job?

You’ve come to the right place!

With me you engage in self-marketing. Which advantages can you get and can you learn to give a better perception?

Alone or in small groups – Online or at the face.

I’ll be happy to organise a special workshop for women where you learn about self-marketing. We focus on the advantages you can get.  It will not only be theory because good perception is learnable – best together.

You want to show others what you can do? That’s why you are here!

  1.  My attributes to success.
  2. “Dress for Success”  – Dressed right for any occasion.
  3.  That’s me. – That’s what I send out.
  4.  Elevator Pitch – Your chance in seconds!
  5.  My new Image!
  6.  “ME” – The woman with success!


Online or Offline – Together we find the best solution for you!

Interested in an English workshop? Please, contact me.